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They helped me in my journey back to graduating. Upgrade helped me with the new process of re-admission, financial aid, and, most importantly, helped me gain a solid vision of my capability to go back and conquer what I started before.

Karen Y Giraldo

University of Texas at Austin, graduateD Fall 2018

You can’t even imagine the number of women who have told me (since I returned to college) that they wish they could to back to school. My response is always “you can”. Anybody can, if they go to CafeCollege and Upgrade,  ask for help… I am having the “time of my life” as an older returning student.

Brenda Pacheco

Currently Enrolled at Palo Alto College
TransferRing to Texas A&M San Antonio

May 1st I will begin my journey to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with WGU-Texas.

A few years ago, I did not think this was an option for me, but here I am. …the Upgrade staff has shown me that their duties to not stop when we enroll into a school; their duties don’t even stop once we’ve graduated. They have this persistent desire to help us achieve what we can and continue to what we can’t even imagine. They have shown me that I am not alone on this journey. “

Victoria Casanova

Northwest Vista College, Graduated Spring 2018
EnRolling at WEstern Governors University- Texas May 2019

If getting your degree becomes more than a passing thought and stubbornly stays embedded in your brain even though time passes (months and even years) – then it may be your inner self’s way of helping your understand that perhaps getting your degree is actually a deep desire of yours and that you shouldn’t give up on it.

Christine Quintana

Currently enrolled at University of Incarnate Word- School of Professional Studies
San Antonio College, Graduated Fall 2018

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